Monday, March 29, 2010


This weekend was a blur. It went by waaay to fast for my taste! Friday night we went to Wing Stop to grab some dinner, and then we headed to the Lewisville Baseball Center to watch a Opening Day Parade that my nephew was in. After watching the parade and wtching the kiddos play for awhile we went to get some ice cream (yum!) and headed home to watch some t.v. then go to bed. Saturday we woke up early to go to our nephew Greyson's first Blast Ball game. Blast ball is just like t-ball, but when you reach first base, the kids jump on the base and it honks. lol. They are 3, so no one gets out and there is really no fielding going on either. Just teaches them the basics of hitting the ball and running the bases. After the game Trevor and I drove to Garland. I spent the day with my parents and Trevor went to his parents so that him and his brother Trent could work on our new granite fireplace mantle. After that I went over to Jenay's house, played with her kiddos, then went to eat at Dodie's in Rockwall with Paige, Jenay, Wade, and myself. After Trevor met us, and we went to meet Chelsea and Brent at a friend of their's, and I actually ended up knowing from 1st grade- lol. Small world. After that we headed back to Jenay and Wade's to hang out a bit longer, then we headed home for the night. On Sunday we were lazy the first part of the day, but then around 12:00PM we got up took showers and headed to Babies R Us to order the crib that I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. It will be here in 7-14 days. Now all we need is a baby! I know it's only been one month since we started trying (yay!) but I am already impatient. HAHA. I can't wait for our family to grow. :)

Today I went to school and worked on our group project that is due at the end of April. Wow how this semster has flown by!! I cannot believe it's almost April, and that means only 1 month until I graduate!! After that, job searching will commence- oh goody. Wish me luck!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

BEP Concert/Girls Weekend Getaway!

Well, as my readers know, my wonderful hubby got me a ticket to the Black Eyed Peas concert for this past weekend. It was a blast! I started out Friday by packing my bag and then headed to my friend Ashley's house so that we could carpool to the W Hotel. We first heaaded to the MAC store at Firewheel Mall to get our makeup done. I had a girl named Nia- she was so fun and her makeup skills were excellent! After the makeup we headed off to the W Hotel where we met up with Chelsea, Jenay, and J'ton. We ate pizza from Campisi's then got all dressed for the concert. The W Hotel is literally across the street from the AA Center, so we walked to the AA Center, got our drinks, and headed down to the floor for the concert. I had no idea Ludacris was opening for the BEP, so I was so excited and surprised that he did! LOVE HIM!! He was amazing!! The same goes for the BEP. It was the best concert I have attended. The energy they caused in the room was crazy!! After the concert we headed to the Ghost Bar where the BEP were holding a private concert. Well, we get there and spot Miles Austin and Tony Romo.I tried to get a pic of Tony, but soon after my camera broke!!! :( SO I only have pics from Friday night, and not even all of it. Well by this time my feet were KILIING me from wearing high heels all night, so I decided to tab out and go to the room with Ashley. Well, the Ghost Bar is retarded or the bartender was and could not find my tap for like 1 1/2 hour!!! I was PO'd to say the least, so by the time they found it (ugh) Jenay, Chels, Paige, and J'ton were already in the room. We went to bed soon after, and woke up the next morning to snow flurries! We got ready then headed to Hooters to eat lunch. (HAHA- our waiter looked at us like we were crazy- all 5 6 ladies at Hooters alone- no boys.) Well it was close and sounded good! So we ate there then headed back to our rooms and just chilled for a while, but soon enough it was time to have our massages at the in house spa at the W called Bliss. My massage was 75 minutes long and AMAZING!! I left totally relaxed, and just wanted a nap! We al went back to our room, planned on taking naps, but ended up just talking, and sharing good times. After a few hours we got ready and decided that it was just too cold out to travel a long ways for dinnr, so we chose.....El Fenix!! HAHAHA. It was nice though because we sat there for almost 4 hours just talking, having drinks, dinner, and good times. :) After dinner we left and had to run through a whiteout! It was snowing so hard you could barely see where you were going, and it was freezing!! We fianlly get back to the hotel, ggrab a drink (shot) from the lounge bar in the hotel, and go to our rooms to drink more and just hang out and have girl time. It was a perfect night! We went to bed that night, and woke up the next morning, packed up and drove to Jenay's house where my car was parked. My car was covered in snow!! So I clear it all off, and start driving home. The roads were not that bad, but some of the overpasses were. I was driving on 635 near Skillman/Audelia and a BMW X5 slammed on their brakes in front of me, and started spinning out of control. I didn't know what to do!! They spun to the left, I kept my pace, then they spun around me, and missed me by inches! I was so lucky that they did not hit me!! Had I slowed down at all I would have been involved in a wreck that morning. The BMW finally hit the HOV wall and stopped. Whew- that scared the crap out of me!! BUt they were ok, started driving again, and all was well. Hate that kind of weather!!! ANyway I drove home, picked up lunch for me and Trev and spent the rest of the day relaxing in my bed recovering from a great girl's weekend!! :) Now back to reality of school work, and starting to look for a job. Argh. Here are some pics from the weekend, well only Friday night- grrrr.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Best Hubs Ever!

Let me begin this post by saying that Jenay, Chelsea, Paige, Ashley, and myself thought it would be a good idea to have a girls night one night where we went to the Black Eyed Peas concert and then make a weekend of it by staying at the W Hotel. Well the time came to buy the tickets and it was just the wrong time for us money wise. The tickets were $100 for the floor (which is where they wanted to be), and it was Christmas time, no good. Buying presents for my family, plus Trevor's huge family spells no extra money. So I had to say no to the tickets and concert that I was so looking forward to. Well I still was going to stay at the hotel with the girls Saturday night, but was still bummed about the concert on Friday. Well, last week my husband called me and totally surprised me by telling me that he bought me the floor ticket and that I was going to the concert. I was so surprised!! It's one of those moments when you think "WOW! He knows me so well!" He talked to Jenay about the whole thing one night, and planned it all by himself. Can't believe it! Suffice to say, I am stoked about going to the concert with the girls and having a great time, all thanks to my wonderful husband. I love you babe!! :)So the concert is on Friday the 19th, and I am sure that I will have tons of pics to post. Till then!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Alone

As most of you know, Trevor travels quite a bit and is gone for appx. 10 days- give or take a few days on occassion. I used to have a dog named Kaiya to warn me if something was amiss in the neighborhood, but now she is with a different family, so we had our security system installed and hooked up when she left. I feel safer knowing that the alarm will blare if someone even enters the house, but I still have this irrational fear of strangers intruding into the house and hurting me. So where is this post going??? (I bet you were wondering!) Well, I am studying for this class in Criminology about serial murders and rapists. My final is on Sunday, and I am vigourously pouring through 2 books trying to study for this mid-term. One book had 9 chapters worth of information and the other book 3 LONG chapters of information that we can be tested upon. So I was reading through my Serial Murder book, and they discuss these murders and rapes in very vivid detail- ugh. So here I was last night, reading my book rather late into the night, and I just can't help the feeling that this could happen to me! Irrational I know, but still, being home alone is the worst sometimes. Especially when I have to read this book for class.

On another note, and this is going to sound strange to some, but I had to go crib shopping yesterday. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! The reason behind this is my sister-in-law Tanya had a recall come out for the crib that she used to use for her now 3 year old son Greyson. Well Greyson does not use his crib anymore, so she offered us the recall certificate to go to Babies R Us and use the money for a new crib. She offered this a long time ago, even before we were married, but I kept putting it off because I was thinking wedding at the time, not kids! The only catch is that I have to use this certificate by April 2nd of this year- oooppps! So here I am going to Babies R US with my mom, dad, and sister, ppicking out baby furniture when I am not even pregnant- weird feeling??? YES!!! But I am not about to let a free crib certificate worth almost $400 go to waste!! So now that I have picked out a crib, I am planning on buying the dresser/channging table with it because it matches the crib, and I am afraid that the furniture will be discotinued. ARGH!! More money that I don't need to spend right now, but it's kind of unavoidable. SO..... if any of my friends who have a coupon to Babies R US, and you don't want to use it, please let me know!!! I am looking for one that says like 20% or 15% off any purchase or a furniture coupon, etc. It would be a huge help!!! I guess this furniture is going to have to sit in the attic until I have my own little bundle of joy, and I hope that happens sooner than later, because my baby fever is not getting any better!!! :) Love you all!! Please wither email or respond on here if you have such a coupon!! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun filled weekend

We started out our weekend on Friday with drinks and wings at Hooters, then off to the Mavs game with our friends Clint and Jessica. We had seats at the very top of the AA center, but we still had tons of fun, and then I found out that an old friend Celia was at the game with her husband BJ. We text back and forth and then she invited us to the suite that they had tickets in during the 3rd quarter. We had so much fun catching up and watching the game!

Saturday was a much lazier day than Friday. We hung around the house all day, not doing much. I had gotten sick in Mexico b/c of their water (no I didn't drink it!) so I missed the Lation Cardio class that I was supposed to attend on Satuday morning with Libs, and Steph. :( So we watched Law Abiding Citizen, which is a really good movie, and finally around 3:00PM I got in the shower and got ready for the rest of the day. Like I said- very lazy. Clint and Jessica were leaving in a while so we decided to head up to Saltgrass to eat, and of course this is one of my favorite places to eat, and I still felt so sick to my stomach that I could not eat my food! ARGH! We went home after Saltgrass and said goodbye to Clint and Jessica, then Trevor and I watched a little bit more tv, then I started on homework that I needed to catch up on asap!

Sunday Trevor and I got up, took showers, and wanted to run errands and do things out of the house, BUT it was raining outside, so we decided to stay inside and clean house. We also had a wedding to attend today, so around 3:00PM we went to Target to get a gift card and a card to go with it, then headed to Meredith and Eric's wedding at the Hickory Street Annex. I had never been to this site before, but the inside is gorgeous!! They took an old warehouse and made it into a loft, and i turned out great! The wedding was so fun, and it's always a blessing to see two people who love each other start their married life together. After the wedding, Trevor and I watched a little more tv at home, then hit the sack!! Here are some pics of our fun filled weekend!! Until next time........
The Mavs Game!

The Wedding!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mazatlan, Mexico Trip

So we just got home from our trip to Mazatlan, and it was so much fun! I have never taken a trip with another couple and it definitely makes it more exciting to share it with more than just my hubby. We had a great time, we got to the airport and promptly started drinking, and the whole day pretty much followed like that. The resort was amazing! It was more relaxed than say a resort in Cancun where you have every 18 year old from the States running around on Spring Break. Immaculate service, and everyone was so friendly! The only downer was although I did not drink the water, I still got sick from the ice they used in Mexico. UGH!! Me, Trevor, and Clint got sick for at least one day. Jessica was in the clear (Clint's GF). But all in all we had a blast, and I would def go back there for sure.

So we returned on Thursday night LATE and I had to go to school on Friday morning, I was exhausted! Then on Friday night we went to Hooters, and then to the Mavs game, and it was fun! Haven't been to one in a while, and while there I got to see an old friend Celia, and it has been forever since I have seen her. She was in the United Healthcare Suite, and actually invited us in, so that was so generous of her!

So I am trying to keep my blog more up to date, cause rumor is I never update it- lol- Steph! I will try to do better, promise!! Love you all! :) Here are some pics of our wonderful vacay!