Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Waiting Game

It seems like not a lot has happened since my last post, even though it's been awhile. We did finish Cole's nursery, and I love it! I think it turned out really cute. It has decorations, but not too much, and the decor goes really well with his bedding and curtains. He will be able to grow with this decor since it is not at all "babyish" and Pottery Barn (where we got his crib bed and curtains) has a "big boy" comforter and sheet set to match the crib bedding we already have. Bonus! Here are a few pictures of his nursery!

On another note, I am now 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and sooo ready for Cole to make his arrival. At my last appointment I was at a 0 dilation- yay, but she said that my cervix was super soft, so that is a good sign as far as effacement goes. I have my doctors appointment for this week tomorrow, so hopefully I will have progressed some by then, and if not, the waiting game will continue. Since this is my first pregnancy, everyone has told me that I will most likely be late, so I am mentally prepared for my last day of pregnancy to be February 11th- since that is the last day my doctor will "allow" me to be pregnant- which means induction time. She did say that if I was so terribly uncomfortable and just ready, that she would induce me on my due date, but not anytime before that. However, my doctor is not on call that day because 2/4 is a Saturday, and she does not work Saturdays, so I am thinking that even if I do decide to induce, it will most likely be the 6th (Monday after). I have been having a whole lot of Braxton Hicks lately, so pretty uncomfortable, others just the normal tightening of my tummy. Each time I hope that they will turn into active labor, but nothing so far.... This is also my last week at work- hooray! After that I will be at home waiting for Cole to arrive, and getting some unfinished things done around the house. The after he arrives I am so excited to say that I will be staying home with him as a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I have heard that this is such a hard job because you get no time off, like a lunch hour, or a break, and that you have almost no adult conversation during the day. We shall see! Right now I feel extremely blessed to have such an opportunity, and will make the most of our days together. I also have the advantage of having my sister-in-law Tanya at home, and with her daughter Vivian so close to Cole's age (she was born in November) it will be fun to see the cousins grow up together. That is all I really have going on right now, like I said, the waiting game for Cole to arrive. I cannot wait to share with all of you his pictures once he does! Until next time...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cole's Baby Shower

Once again I am behind on the whole blogging thing. So much has been going on lately, that I have not had time! On 11/12/11 I had mine and Cole's Baby Shower. It was fantastic! I could definitely feel the love from all of my friends and family, and I am so lucky to have them all in my life. I got a ton of gifts and have already washed all of the baby clothes, and unpacked the gifts. Thank you cards are also done! My hostesses were Paige (the shower was at her house), Stephanie, Libby, Loni and Tammy. They did such a fantastic job! I got so many comments about how smoothly the shower ran and how everything was just beautiful. We also had company staying at our house that weekend. Jessica and Clint and Marcy and Brent all came in town so the ladies could come to the shower. SO sweet of them, and we had a really good time!

Here are a few pictures from the shower taken by the lovely Stephanie G!

Almost the entire group at my shower.

The letters for Cole's room made by Aunt Tanya and Aunt Tammy!

My lovely Hostesses!

The completely awesome Diaper Cake that Loni made me and Cole!

My side of the family

My awesome cake that my sister had made!

We also had our maternity pictures taken by the amazing Allison Duckworth from Elven Thirty Six Images. If you need any family portraits, baby photos, maternity photos, etc., she is the one to go to! I love the pictures and I cannot wait to be able to share them on here once I receive my CD! I also ordered our Christmas cards through Allison, and they look wonderful. I cannot wait to mail them out!

This past weekend we went to OKC to visit Clint and Jessica and to see their new house. Love the house! We had a really fun weekend, and that officially the last time that I could travel, so no more road trips for me! I will be 32 weeks on Saturday and the time is flying by! I cannot wait to meet Cole, and I am overjoyed at how blessed I am.

Looking forward to the upcoming weekend as well. we are having a GNO Christmas Dinner on Friday and I cannot wait! Until next time!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

It has been a while since I have posted, so I thought it was time to update a little. Today is Halloween, so Happy Halloween to everyone! I started off Halloween with our Annual Costume/Decorations Contest at my work this year. Our department theme was "Zombieland", so we had a bunch of graves everywhere, cobwebs, scary zombies, and even Zombie Hunters this year. I went as a Zombie Hunter this year, so I dressed like a trucker, and had my rifle and hand gun at the ready. :) I did not take pictures this year (I now bad) but some people at work had some awesome costumes this year!! We also have trick-or-treating for the employees kiddos through each department, so I trick or treated with my nephews Greyson and Cody, and my niece Hannah. Cole also got lots of candy throughout the day thanks to me, so he was a bundle of movement all day! Sugar rush! Friday night Trevor and I stayed home and caught up on our DVR'd shows, and then headed to bed! We are so exciting.... lol. Saturday was a very busy day! I woke up and started getting ready for my S-I-L Tanya's shower, and then drove both Tammy and Tanya to the shower in Lantana. I have to say, I LOVE the community of Lantana. They seem very kid and family friendly, and I think that when Trevor and I finally move again, that this will be our next destination. It is farther west from where I currently live, but that will be better for Trevor's job. At the shower, we had fabulous food! I was so full by then end of that shower, I could not even eat the cake! Tanya got alot of cute, cute outfits for baby Vivian, and then we packed up my car, and we headed to Tanya's to drop off all of her gifts. After than Tammy and I went to Magnolia Cafe to eat, then went shopping for maternity clothes for me, and a costume for Trevor. I then headed home, grabbed my costume and headed to my parents house so that my Mom could paint my stomach for my costume. Trevor went as a Beer Pong cup this year with ping pong ball included (it was the easiest costume for me to get him to wear) and Cole and I went as Humpty Dumpty. My tummy was the egg and then we made a box wrapped with red wrapping paper and drawn on bricks for the wall, we also then took stockings to make the legs, stuffed them with tissue paper and then used baby shoes for the feet. So funny! Here are a few pics of me and my sister (she was Red from Fraggle Rock) and me, and then me and Trevor as well from Steph and Mike's Halloween Party.

With me being preggers, I was so tired this year! Booo..... but at least I dressed up, and I had a fun time with this costume. We had a great time! We ended up spending the night at Trevor's parents house on Saturday night after the party because the party was in Wylie, and Garland is SO much closer than Lewsiville. So on Sunday we woke up and I chatted with my Mother-In-Law Vera for a while, and then headed over to my parents house to spend the day with them. Trevor went to play Frisbee golf with his brother Trent. Then we both headed home to watch the Cowboys vs. Eagles game- and.... the Cowboys lost big time. Fail. That brings us to today, the actual day of Halloween! It's Monday, so we are at work, yay, but tonight I will be handing out candy to all of the little costumed children in my neighborhood. So cute!! I hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween! be safe and don't eat too much candy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crib Bedding!

The search has finally ended for my crib bedding! I had previously written about my mom and me making the crib bedding together, and looking for the fabric, but believe me when I tell you that I could not find anything that I loved. I wanted a "preppy" feel for Cole's nursery, and just could not find the vision that I had in my head. Instead of searching for stripes one afternoon, I started searching for plaid. Right away this crib bedding called "Madras" from Pottery Barn Kinds popped up. I fell in love immediately! It was pretty much a no brainer for me to choose this, and the best part is, I can order it and have it personalized with no hassle or real wait time! We have not ordered the bedding yet, but we are this weekend, and I cannot wait! The website says that it will take 5-7 days to be delivered once we order it. Here are a few pics of the bedding!

The personalized pillow that will say "Cole" in Navy just as the picture shows

The drapes for the windows- so cute!!!

The inside of the crib bumper (I am not doing the star fitted sheet, but a solid red one)

The personalized quilt that will also have Cole's name on it. LOVE!

I personally love all of the colors in this bedding set. It will give me so much leeway to decorate with whatever color I choose, and there are so many choices it's mind boggling! I am trying really hard not to create a theme, but I saw some sailboat decor that was super adorable, so I may incorporate that with other cute things to complete the room. I am so bad at decorating, I need to start watching HGTV!

In other news, it seems that I hit week 22 and my belly just exploded! It went from looking like I was getting really pudgy to HELLO PREGNANT! Kind of loving my belly (which I did not think would happen) and the fact that Cole is a very active baby. I have already been woken up at night by all of his movement, and I cannot help but sit there with my hands on my belly and laugh with complete joy. I feel so blessed! I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather! Until next time....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Half Way There!

This Saturday I will be 20 weeks, so half way there! I had my 19/20 week sonogram yesterday and everything looked perfect! My lil man was moving around alot in there, very active! I forgot to mention in my last blog that we have decided to name him Cole Trevor Wilhite. I have loved the name Cole for years (since high school) and I just needed Trevor to get on board, and thankfully he loved the name as well. The middle name obviously comes from Trevor- lol. This name was pretty easy to come up with! Not much pain or struggle at all. we had another name Caden, but I thought it sounded like a girl name more than a boy name. So Cole it is! ;)

The on;y thing that was a surprise at my appointment was that my placenta is pretty close to my cervix, and for those of you who have been pregnant before know, this is not a good thing for natural labor. So, if my placenta does not move up or if it covers the cervix completely by the time I go into labor, then I will have to have a C-section. I really wanted to have this baby with natural labor (and when I say natural I mean with an epidural for sure!). But I have heard from many others that a C-section is the way to go as well, I just do not want to have surgery! Ouch! Other than that I am feeling great! Love the 2nd trimester!

Planning the nursery has also been in full swing. I finally found colors that I love, and my mom and I are going tonight to look for fabrics for the bedding. My mom and me will be making the bedding (I thought it would be a fun project together!), and I will definitely be learning how to sew during this project. We are also going tonight to get the car seat and stroller that I want because Babies R Us is having a great Trade-in Deal right now. If you trade in a stroller, crib, car seat, bouncer, etc. then you get 25% off an item, and you can do this with multiple items! So we are literally using the cribs that we had as babies to trade in. So excited! I wanted to take the items home, but my mo told me that I would not get to take them home because that is what they are buying for the baby gift, and I have to wait until my baby shower. Boo! I wanted to mess around with it, but I guess I will have to wait!

Getting even more excited to meet my Cole, and I cannot wait for these next 20 weeks to fly by!! Talk to you all later! ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's A Boy!

So, Trevor and I have known for almost 3 weeks now that we are having a boy! We are very excited, and Trevor is sooo proud. I cannot wait to meet my little boy in February, and the time is passing more quickly than I thought it would! The first 12/13 weeks seemed to take forever, but now that I am feeling better, and not so exhausted, the time is flying by. I will be 19 weeks on Saturday, which is almost half way there! Crazy! I have my 19/20 week appointment next week, and they better confirm what we found at at 16 weeks- that it's a boy- or I will freak! lol.

So I wanted to share some of my sono pics, which, in my opinion, are the cutest!!

The best sound in the world! The heartbeat...

Now I am onto the task of decorating the nursery, and it has been a challenge finding what I see in my mind. But I think I finally have a few options, and I cannot wait to start! So, on that note, I will tak to you guys soon! ;)