Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let the Traveling Begin...

It has been so nice having Trevor home since April. If you know his work schedule, that is a very long time for him to be home, and not traveling almost every other week. Well, the time has come for him to start traveling again, and I, for one, am definitely not looking forward to it. In fact, he is out of town on business right now. I guess I forgot what it was like when he travels, because I am having the hardest time sleeping. Any noise in the house wakes me up in a panic, even though I have the alarm on, and if anyone so much as opens a door, it will go off. My worst fear is someone breaking into my house and harming me, and it is 10 times worse when Trevor is not home. This trip is only from Monday to this Thursday, so one more night alone, but he tells me that September he has a new project starting in Maryland, which means he will most likely start the 10 days away, 4 days home schedule again. NOT my fave. This schedule is supposed to last until the end of the year (December) and continue and finish (hopefully) in January.

So, ummm.... excuse me, I am freaking out because I am due February 4th, and if I deliver even a week early, that will be January. It is starting to freak me out that he will not be there when the baby is born, or when I go into labor. He will also not be here when I am huge and pregnant and need him to go get things, run errands, etc. I cannot imagine what my back will feel like then, but I know right now that it is already killing me! Being pregnant, plus the back pain I deal with everyday from being top heavy, this could get rough. Not trying to go on a complaining spree, but I have been worrying about these things for a few weeks now, and I need to let it out!! LOL!

In other news, I started a Pregnancy Yoga video last night, and OUCH am I sore this morning! This lady has me using muscles I did not know I had! It was hard to walk up the stairs this morning because I have been so bad about working out, and even stretching has become chore. I will keep at it though! I want to be a healthy weight with this pregnancy, and even though I have not gained any weight yet, I want to keep it a healthy weight once I start gaining. I hope all of you are keeping cool in this hot, hot summer weather. I do not know about you, but I am ready for the cool fall weather and the clothing that goes along with it!! Keep cool everyone, and have a great week!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I feel like a Yo-Yo!

I have finally entered into my second trimester, and am so excited to start getting my energy back, certain parts of me aren't as sore as they used to be(lol), and I was excited for the nausea to go away. I was having really good luck with the drug Zofran helping with my nausea, but that medicine makes things harder on your body to function (and those who have taken it know what I am talking about- its way too TMI to discuss), so I was ready to get off of it everyday and just have that "Honeymoon Second Trimester". So, entering into my 13th week I stopped taking the Zofran- not so bad.... I felt fine as long as I ate something right when I woke up in the morning. I though "Ah ha! I have found the secret to this morning/all day sickness thing!" Hmmm... not so much. Everyday is a different scenario and I am beginning to feel like a Yo-Yo- one day up and fine and one day dropping back down to misery. Yesterday I felt the best I have this entire pregnancy- I though "Eureka! It has finally happened!" Yea.... wake up this morning, not so much. So, I have resorted back to my precious Zofran. I will take it in the morning if I feel nauseous, and if I don't then I will not. I cannot wait until I never have to take it!! (That's going to happen, right Moms?)

On the other hand, I am still shocked that I am actually pregnant. I really do not think that it will sink in until I feel the baby move, which my OB/GYN said would be aroun 16-20 weeks. I am also looking forward to getting my 19/20 week sono so we can find out if this baby is a boy/girl. Almost everyone who has guessed the sex has guessed boy, so we shall see! I am making an appointment today to get a "ghetto" sonogram done at Stork Vision at 16 weeks, just to see if they can tell what the sex of the baby is, but I will not begin the clothes buying frenzy until I go to my 19 weeks appointment on September 19th- just to make sure!! :)

Happily moving through the beginning of my 2nd trimester, and I cannot wait to see my baby again in 2 weeks, and to feel my baby move for the first time (which will hopefully happen sooner than later!). Until next time, have a great rest of the summer!