Friday, July 29, 2011

Shocker I know! New Post!

I am the worst blogger of all time- lol. It has literally been since last summer since I posted anything, and so much has happened since then. I am going to give a quick run down of my year- and not a very detailed one at that.

As I had previously stated in one of my earlier posts, Trevor and I tried for 16months to get pregnant with our 1st baby. I went through 2 OB/GYNs and was then even referred to an RE (reporiductive endocronologist). They thought that my next step was IUI, but my OBGYN put me on 1500mg of Metformin adn gave me one last try with 100mg of Clomid. I had done 8 rounds of Clomid by this point and most doctors will stop you at 3-6! I am ecstatic to say that the final round worked!!!! I am 13 weeks pregnant with our first baby and Trevor and I could not be more excited! That was a HUGE part of our year, with so many worries, tears- from me of course- and frustrations. I can truly say that infertility is one of the hardest things that a woman can go through, and you just do ont know how it feels until they tell you that you will not have a baby on your own. I feel extremely blessed that my story has a happy ending, and I am praying very hard for my friends/family who are going through the same thing. I was so blessed to have people praying for me, and I believe that the power of prayer is what got me pregnant, so I do not miss a day praying for those people who also need it. My due date is February 4th, 2012, so I am sure that I will have lots more to tell you about! I would post my picture of my 12 weeks appt. sono, but my baby was so active it is actually really blurry, so I decided to skip it. :)

I also turned 30 this year, which was really not as bad as it seems! I loved my 20s but I would definitely not go back through all of the trying to figure out who I am, etc. My sister also got married this February 7th, and it was so beautiful! We wnt on a ski trip to Steamboat, CO. and her and Garrett tied the knot on a snow ladened hill that our condo was next to. The view was gorgeous!! It was snowing so hard that day, you could barely see the view in her wedding pics, but it was a truly precious moment for me to serve as her Matron of Honor.

Basically I am highlighting the major things that happened in my life, because a whole year of explaining would just be to long! I hope to get better at this, yes, I kow I have said thsi before, but hopefully with the kiddo on the way, I will have more things to talk about and share with you!!