Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am so behind on here!!

Ok, so I am about to post my pictures from Christmas- 3 months late, I know!!! But here ya are!

Ok, so since the last time that I have been on here, I have gotten engaged, started planning my wedding, got laid off from my job, and now spend most of my day looking online for a job, or doing house work or running errands to pass the time. So if anyone knows of a job opening please send it my way! Trevor and I have also decided that we are going to buy a house after ournlease is up in August, so I am also looking at all the time looking for our first new house. Trevor keeps reminding me that our first house will not be "The Perfect House" that I want- but it is still really hard to not want my idea of my house. Living by the airport definitely has it's advantages, but also has it's drawbacks as well. The first real drawback is that none of my friends or family live that close to me, and it seems like every weekend I use about a tank of gas just to see them. Also, the living costs around the airport are quite a bit more than other places. A house that cost $175,000 in Allen, Frisco, or Sachse (all places I would love to live!) cost $225,000 around the stupid airport- unless you live in G.P. or Alrington- which I refuse to do because it seems that the crime rate here is astronomical!!! I would love to live in Grapevine, but again costs there are quite a bit more than we would like to spend for our first home. The HEB area seems to be our best option. So, we will have to see where this search leads us closer to August. Keep us in our prayers!! We will be planning the wedding, and packing, and moving all within this time period- and I am going to need all the help I can get at that time. Here are some pictures of my engagement and a few other of times in between that I have not posted. Enjoy!

This first photo is right after Trevor proposed, and the 2nd photo is the setup that he had waiting for me on a private balcony with the beautiful waterfall in the background, and the table set for two with red wine, 2 wine glasses, and candles everywhere! It was perfect!!

Anyway, now that I am home all of the time, I am going to make a point of getting on here at least once a week. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! :)