Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can't Get Enough...

Of this fabulous weather!! I am so happy that it is full-on Spring time outside. The cloudless skies, warm temperatures, sunny days, and cool nights are just perfect. It puts me in the best mood, and I am loving the walks and runs that I have been enjoying this week. It's almost warm enought to go swimming, but the water is probably still too cold, so I will have to wait awhile for that.
This Friday I am going to the Belle Spring Show with 2 of my best friends Stephanie and Libby, and I could not be more excited! First of all to be spending time with my friends, and second of all to the Belles perform again. I love watching dancing, so this will be perfect! On Saturday I have a softball tournament to play in for charity purposes. Feels good to be doing something worthwhile, but playing softball again will certainly be a challenge! I have not swung a bat in over 3 years now- scary! Hopefully I will not make a fool of myself and miss, or when fielding a ball screw up there also.
I signed up for my summer classes this week, and I am going to be very busy! I forgot how much textbooks cost- it's a killer! Ridiculous that you pay hundreds of dollars for books when you only use them for a semester that consists of only a few months. But it is well worth it in my book. To finish school will be one of my ultimate goals reached. It may have taken me over 10 years but I will finish!!! I take this experience with me so that I may tell my own children how important it is to tough it out, and do it right the first time.
This is all for today. I just wanted to write a snip-it of what was going on in my life! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good times were definitely had!

Being alone at home all alone alot makes me appreciate the time that I get to spend with my friends and family so much more. Trevor is gone on a alomost 3 week trip this time and I am definitley feeling the strain. So when he is gone I am so glad that I have friends and family to lean on! This weekend I spent Friday evening with Amber. We went to eat sushi, then went to the store to get a bottle of wine, and came home to veg out on the couch while reading our books. I lent her my copy of "Twilight" and I was re-reading my copy of "HArry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". I figured that I would re-read this book because the movie is coming out this summer- can't wait! I love to read- so I was obsessing over my book, and Amber had nothing to read- therefore- her reading my "Twilight". I was so excited for her to read "Twilight". She has expressed negative feelings before reading the book about the whole series, but I knew once she started reading she would fall in love!! And..... she did. She can not out it down! She is already onto New Moon- which she bought for herself. Any who, after reading fo hours on end, she decided to spend the night and we had an old-fashion slumber party (which is rare to do these days since everyone is married or whatnot). It was great, simple fun. Saturday morning I went over to my parents house for lunch and thenwent shopping with my mom. Soon after it was time to get ready for Jenay's Suprise 30th Birthday Party. I was so excited to get to see everyone. It's been awhile since I have been around that group of friends, and it felt good to re-connect. Her party was a blast! We had a party bus taking us around, and we ended up going to Industry Bar and Logan's. By the time we were done my feet were killing me from dancing, and I was exhausted. I did not even get to my apartment until around 3:15AM. Needless to say I slept in until 11:30AM on Sunday. Here are some of the pics I took from Jenay's party......

In other news, I found out last week that I got in UTA and I was stoked!! Everythign is falling into place so that I can finally finish my degree, and I have to admit... it feels GOOD! I meet with my advisor tomorrow to sign up for classes, and I could not be at a happier. 2009 started off as a great year with my engagement and it's only getting better! That's all for now- I have to get to bed so I can find my way around UTA campus early in the morning! Wish me luck.... with my directional skills I am def going to need it!! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

My Easter weekend started early when Amber and her daughter Kirstie came over to my apartment on Friday around 12:30PM. We went to Grandy's for lunch and then headed over to the Cinemark Tinseltown in Grapevine to see the Hannah Montana Movie. I know I am almost a 28 year-old woman, but I loved the movie. Really cute, with alot of good "lessons" for kiddos to learn. After returning to my apartment Amber, Trevor, and I chatted for a bit, then Amber left because we had to start getting ready for dinner and drinks in dowtown Ft. Worth for my friend Kimby's b-day. We had dinner at Razoo's, and then decided to head over to 8.0's for some drinks. It was a great night, really laid back, and the only drawback was the weather! I had anticipated it being a little bit chilly, but the wind was making it worse! It was nice to see my old co-workers again, miss them!!
Saturday was a very productive day- SPRING CLEANING DAY!!!!! Trevor and I literally spent the better part of our afternoon and evening cleaning our apartment from head-to-toe. You could eat off of the kitchen floor!! :) Everything from the celing fans to the base boards were scrubbed, dusted, and scoured. Now looking at our very clean apratment, I have decided the effort was more than worth while. Saturday night we decided to watch a movie and have some much needed downtime- it was glorious not having to go anywhere- just to be......on the couch..... no thoughts..... lol.
Easter Sunday was a totally different matter. Craziness ensued from the moment we opened our eyes. First it was off to my parents house for Brunch- I had forgotten how much I LOVE Brunch! All of the wonderful lunch/breakfast food filling the table was wonderful! We played games with the family, and then our time with my family was over- so off to Trevor's parent's house for more food and family fun! We ate, sang Happy B-Day to Trenton (his b-day was on Friday) then helped my very soon to be nephews hunt for eggs. It was so funny watching them run around grabbing up the eggs, open them, only for the contents to fall on the ground and get ruined because the grass/dirt was still wet from the rain. They oved it anyway, and I love the clothes that little boys wear on Easter. Adorable sweater vest, with khaki pants and long sleeved shirts- so cute! Trevor and I scoured his mother's photo albums looking for pictures for our Rehearsal Dinner slideshow- I loved it- Trevor was agitated. Not his favorite thing. Then we spent the rest of the time talking to James (Trevor's brother-in -law) about my laptop. James is in IT and we were really hoping that he could fix the now really annoying problem with my computer. He was making headway, but then it was time for his family to leave. :( Dang!!!! OK, so if anyone knows how to fix your computer when the sound does not work on videos online- please help!! I can hear iTunes, my MP3's- Cd's- all of that- the problem is when I try to watch a video or listen to music that is embedded into the webpage-EG. Youtube videos. VERY frustrating. Trevor tried well into the night and early this morning and my computer still is not cooperating. I give up. I apparently need the Geek Squad to look at it- I wonder how much THAT is going to cost me.
This brings me up to date for now!! I was a bum and did not take any Easter pictures this year, so no pics on this post either of that- but here are a few of Trevor when he was little- so adoarable!!!

The trampoline pic is one of my faves. :) I hope you all had a very HAPPY EASTER!!!!!! Until next time.....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Not as young as I used to be!

My 10 year High School reunion is this year, and I CAN believe it. I am definitely feeling my age as of late. This weekend I went out on Saturday night with my friends Aaron and Brooke and we decided to watch the Final Four games at the Lakewood Tavern. The Lakewood Tavern is a quiet little bar filled with regulars that smile at you when you walk in, very "homey" feeling. As the night went on, and it got later we decided to make it an early night and I drove home. I had also promised my friend Whitney that I would go out with her that night, so I made my way to Black Finn, a restaurant in Arlington that doubles as a bar at night. This is when I realized that I am tired of the bar scene. I have had this feeling before but never so soundly as that night. I realized that I am glad that I am getting older, moving away from wasting my money on all of the meaningless things that come out of "going out" on the weekend. It made me realize that I can not wait to get married in October, finish my Teaching degree and start a family of my own. I have also been meditating and praying about finding the right church for Trevor and I, and becoming more reliant on the Lord. All of this has been swirling around my head since that night- so I am almost grateful that I had the experience.

In other news, my wedding plans are almost finished! I need to meet with the florist, and the cake lady and then I am finished for now. All of the other plans have to be made closer to the actual wedding. It has been more fun than I could ever imagine planning with my mom, and has been a fabulous mother/daughter experience. I am truly blessed that I have such a loving mom and that we share the same "vision" that will be my wedding and reception! My wonderful bridesmaids have started asking me about showers, and I thank God everyday that I am blessed with my friends. They all have such loving hearts, and are willing to do anything for me- and the feeling is more than mutual!

Sorry there are no pics included in this post. I just needed to think and write, and I love that Stephanie introduced Blogger to me so that I could do just that. The only other thing that I need to write about is the break-ins that have been going on all around my apartment. This has been extremely scary for me these past few weeks. The thieves have been breaking in during the day when the residents are at work. This is disturbing because I am home all the time, and I never hear a thing. I am deathly scared that someone will kick in my door at any moment. This has always been one of my fears while living in an apartment, and these robberies are making it disturbingly more clear! When I say that they are all around my apartment- I am being very literal. The apartment across the hall, the one on the other side of me, and the apartment above me have all been vandalized and robbed. With Trevor traveling I am home by myself ALOT, and the only reassurance that I have is Kaiya- the dog that we are keeping for Trevor's friend Brent. I am grateful that she is a scary-looking pitbull. She is the sweetest dog, but her bark definitley sounds like she is about to take you apart! I can not wait for Trevor and I to buy a house. Our lease is up in August and I am looking at every resource that I can to find a house that we can call home. is a favorite past time for me, and I have become increasingly dedicated to finding "The House." Somehow everything ends up being well and good, and I know this dilemma will be no diferent.